NO SCHOOL FEES? How to get support without ‘begging’

It’s common knowledge that financial hurdles Malawi is facing have prevented many from acquiring the much need education including the basic elementary. Poverty has seen the best of students forced out of schools for failure to pay for tuition and other provisions including books, food and groceries. Some students have come out asking for help, but obviously the problem remains significant especially with recent increase in tuition fees at various institutions.
Usually people just explain their plight and ask for help and well-wishers make donations and pledges. However, there are other ways to raise funds while giving a little something back-essentially an incentive for more people to help and drawing a line between begging and fund raising.
1. Selling Art
If you are good at say painting, wood carving or you have any talent in art; create your original art and state why you are selling it and ask for any well-wishers to donate. If you are a performing artist, you too can raise funds by organizing fund-raising shows. You can do this as an individual or a group that share the same goals. Rome wasn’t built in a day and you really need to be patient as things may get slow at times. Make use of the social network to promote your sales and appeal to the public.
2. Domestic work
There are many approaches to this solution. First is to find one individual who is willing to pay an agreed sum in return for your working for them for a specific duration. Second option is to work in multiple residences around your school or your home. For security, you can make simple written contracts/agreements with your employers-just in case. Letters from your school and/or parents can be used as supporting evidence to secure your employment. Key to this option is to build trust.
3. Show your Abilities
Some people would be willing to invest in your education after seeing your potential. Present your transcripts, letters of recommendation, previous school projects you have worked on, artistic creations or any other material that would be considered a display of your abilities. Tell the public what you ultimately intend to achieve and why they should help you. You’ll be surprised by the response.
What people really want is to invest in young individuals with potential, so before you set out asking for donations make sure you fully understand what it is that you want to achieve. Equally important is your commitment to performing. Those that will donate surely will want to see results and anything but bad. You will have to live your promise and prove that you are working your level best toward your promises and goals.
So why give anything away when you have bigger problems?
Well, it shows that you are committed to the cause you are raising funds for. A little sacrifice is necessary although sometimes it might not actually be little in literal sense- so heads up.
There are many other options to fundraising and leave a comment if you’d like to share.

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