Listening to books on the go. Save time while learning more.


Our schedules keep getting packed by the day – work, school, business, workout sessions and all. Traditional reading using physical books is becoming more and more difficult to fit in the twenty four hours we have each day.

Reading and indeed education never has to stop because you are too busy to sit down and focus on the physical book.

With the technology we have today, many books have been turned into flawless audio that we can listen to, enjoy and learn while still doing other things. Be it on the bus, walking, doing laundry or just lying in your bed with your eyes closed- you still can read.

There are a lot of services selling and/or providing free audio books in various formats and some are as following:

Thought Audio:
This website has tons of classic literature and philosophy titles. Apart from the audio files, it has e-book versions of the titles if you would like to  “read along” or just a visual reference. Their collection includes works by Mark Twain, Joseph Conrad, Leo Tolstoy, F. Scott Fitzgerald and many others.

Loyal Books:
Although it looks a little more complicated than Thought Audio, Loyal Books claims to stock over 7,000 audio books and e-books you can access for free.

****Other recommended sources (some may not be entirely free) of audio books include,, iTunes, BBC Store (, Amazon’s and Open Culture (

The audio format means a lot of flexibility. You can listen to the books from your computer or on your mobile devices be it a tablet, mobile phone, ipod or mp3 player.